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Our Food and Global Warming

An article published in June 2018 in the journal Science, reveals some fascinating data regarding how the food we eat affects climate change. According to authors of the article, who are Oxford scientists, today food supply activities are responsible for about 22 percent of the anthropogenic greenhouse gas (HGH) emissions…. Read more »

How To Cut Back On Dietary Salt?

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The “Burden of disease” is a concept which describes the impact of a disease, either loss of health or death, on people. It is estimated by calculating the numbers of years of a person’s life lost due to disability or death caused by a disease. A study in 2010 showed… Read more »

Exercise and Blood Pressure

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Exercise has many positive effects on the body. Numerous investigations are being done regarding the impact of exercise on disease states. Including in these efforts are the research about how exercise influences the blood pressure in people with hypertension. A recently published article in the British Journal of Sports Medicine The… Read more »

Is There a Prescription For Loneliness? 

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“Given that the deleterious effects of loneliness are being recognized and identified, what is to be done? I don’t know of any physician who can write out a prescription for friendship. Moreover, the root causes of loneliness often are cultural in nature” Is there a prescription for loneliness?

Carcinogens In Meat

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More and more investigations are showing us that there is strong relationship between what cancer and diet. It seems that what we eat is important in causing some common types of cancer. Diet has been linked to cancers of mouth and throat, larynx, lung, lung, stomach and bowel (ref). Although… Read more »