What is This Thing Called Mental Health

Mental health is a very far-fetched concept. Everybody likes it, everybody wants it, but, if asked what mental health is, not everybody will have a clear definition for it. For most people, mental health is an ideal mental state where everything in life fits in place. We have no concerns… Read more »

Anticancer Vegetables

Vegetables are beautiful, delicious and healthy. All the new food guidelines recommend eating a lot of vegetables each day. As noted in a post by Harvard School of Public Health “A diet rich in vegetables and fruits can lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, prevent… Read more »

On Flexibility Training

Our movements are dependant on the flexibility of our joints. Flexibility is the amount of the range of motion of one or a group of joints. A good range of motion is essential for smooth and effective movements. Optimal flexibility helps us control balance and prevents much of the pain… Read more »

Is Free Will An Illusion?

A recent research study from the University of New South Wales in Australia has revealed that the moment when we think is probably not the exact moment of decision making. The decision has been made, according to this research, unconsciously and about 11 seconds earlier! Well, this not the first… Read more »

How to Buy Whole-Grain Products?

There is unanimous agreement that eating fibre is beneficial to our health. To get food with ample fibre content, we usually look for the word “whole.” Whole grain, whole wheat and the like. However, when you buy a package of, say, breakfast cereal or sliced bread, it may be a… Read more »

Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Almost everybody likes chocolates. Many people cannot pass a day without them. Are chocolates beauty or the beast? They are delicious, joyful and mesmerizing; but are they healthy too? The answer is both yes and no. Dark chocolates, in small amounts, are good for health. We cannot say the same… Read more »